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MRFSC Curbside Chipping Program


The next deadline to register is July 7th for the Rim Communities and Big Bear Area.  Chipping will be offered monthly through September


MRFSC is able to offer this free service thanks to grant funding from CAL FIRE's California Climate Investment  Fire Prevention grant program and CFSC's SCE grant program.

The following information is critical for our grant funding, to demonstrate the homeowner and community’s efforts in creating defensible space.

The process for curbside chipping: 

1. Property owner places slash (branches, small trees,etc) at their curb or roadside.

2. Property owner registers by the deadline for that month's cycle. 

3. The day after the deadline MRFSC provides a list of properties to the various contractors and fire departments and code enforcement.

4. The contractors then create the most efficient "route" for their equipment and crews.  We never know where they will start or how long a cycle will take.  Some people have a few branches, others have 50 ft long piles that are 3 feet high.  Our contractors commit to complete their lists within two weeks. This isn't always possible depending on weather, the volume of properties and material and backlogs in abatement projects. 

Help us demonstrate the value of this free chipping service by completing the required chipping request form which provides us with documentation of community support creating defensible space. The outcomes and success of this grant will be important considerations in our applications for future grants.

Thank you for doing your part in making our communities more FIRE SAFE!


The contractor will not backtrack to chip your material if it is not ready when he arrives.


You will be required to answer the following questions on the form below to register your request for curbside chipping.  In addition to basic property and contact information, please provide:

Defensible Space Hours - refers to the number of hours spent creating defensible space. These hours include not only the time spent creating the piles to be chipped, but also the removal of pine needles and leaves, removing or modifying shrubs, cutting wild grasses and weeds to 4 (four) inches and so on.  If more than one person worked, please include all hours. Example: if two people worked for four hours that would be a total of EIGHT (8) hours, not four. If you paid someone to do all or part of the work, do not include their hours, their time will be covered under a different question.  Your best estimate is fine.

Who Did the Work - this is  to track the property owner's participation in creating defensible space, and the time is used for "in-kind" volunteer hours to match the dollars received in the grant. This can be you, friends, family, neighbors, etc. It is fine if you didn't personally do the work and hired someone else to trim, cut and stack for you. The amount you paid them is also considered "in-kind" and is answered in the next question.

If You Hired  Someone Else for All or Part of the Work, How Much Did You Pay - enter the total amount paid, round to whole dollars.

What shall the crews do with the chips The crews can haul the chips away or blow the chips back on your property from the street or leave the chips in a pile so you can move them wherever you like. Please note: Blowing and piling of chips is NOT available for Big Bear area residents.


Program Criteria - failure to comply with the following criteria may result in your material not being chipped.

  - Material to be chipped must be on the property stacked along a road/driveway or an area allowing the chipping crew to work alongside the pile safely. PLEASE STACK THE LIMBS, BRANCHES AND TREES with all the cut ends the same way, preferably facing the street.  This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to chip at each property. THE USE OF BACKHOES OR TRACTORS TO CREATE SLASH PILES FOR CHIPPING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. PILES SO CREATED WILL BE BYPASSED.

- NO root balls, limbs or tree trunks larger than 8" in diameter, construction lumber, bagged material, pine needles, weeds, leaves, pine cones or loose bark, painted or preserved wood, trash, material containing rocks, dirt, metal, nails, screws, fasteners, wire or twine will be accepted. Limbs with pine needles or leaves are acceptable of course, we just cannot accept piles or bags of these items.

Property Owner Declaration

By submitting the form below, Participant declares that he/she is the owner of the property or an agent for the owner. Participant grants the Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council, its contractors,inspectors and agents permission to access the property as needed for pile inspections, chipping services and monitoring. Participant acknowledges that the Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council provides this service through contracts with chipping vendors. Participant agrees to waive and release the Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council and its employees, Boards, contractors, volunteers, officers, agents, from all liability arising from participation in this program.

The information provided on the required form is used solely for purposes of this grant. Participant acknowledges that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge. Participant's personal contact information will not be shared beyond the scope of this grant and will not be used for advertising.

Upon completion and successful submission, the form will serve as your official request for Curbside Chipping Service. You will receive an acknowledgement within 72 hours and an estimated window for when service should occur.


We must receive your request by 6:00pm PST on the designated Sunday deadline in order to include your property in the crew cycle immediately following the deadline date. If we do not receive your request in a timely manner, your material may not be addressed until the following month's cycle and you may be subject to citation under County ordinances.

Please contact us via the Contact Page or by call 866-923-FIRE (3473) if you have any questions, or if you would prefer not to use the online form.


REQUEST FORM:  If you do not receive a pop up message that your form has been submitted, review your answers. All fields with an "*" are required to be completed for the form to be processed.

Note - if you are filling this out for a friend or neighbor, please put their name as OWNER and enter your name where requested below.
Please register my property for curbside chipping

The deadline has passed for the July cycle. Check back in a few days.

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