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The contractors listed below are provided to you by Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council’s Board of Directors. While there may be other contractors on the mountain qualified and capable, our directors have personal experience with the work performance of those listed below or have verified references. Where licenses are required (tree work, arborists, RPFs), MRFSC has verified that the contractor’s license and insurance are current.  Unless otherwise noted, the contractors have indicated they work in all mountain communities.

MRFSC strongly suggests you get an estimate (in writing) from more than one contractor. If you are not able to come to your property to verify the work, we suggest asking for before and after pictures from the contractor. If you have received an abatement notice or citation and have questions about the nature of the abatement work required, contact the agency or entity which issued the notice or citation.  For more info, contact MRFSC toll free (866) 923-3473 or email

Finally, if your experience with one of these contractors is less than satisfactory, please let us know so we may consider revising this list. [Last updated 07-15-2023]

Tree Work and Abatement 
(Yard Work)

Cumorah Tree Service
Jim Taylor
PO Box 3071, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352
# 841489
office (909) 336-4637; cell (909) 224-6599


Hammer’s Mountain Services, Inc.
Ron Hammer
PO Box 152, Skyforest, CA 92385
(909) 336-6886 Cell; office (909) 855-6570


JB Industries
Jeff Bixel
PO Box 833, Cedar Glen, CA 92321
(909) 744-8691

RT Tree Care
Ryan Taylor
PO Box 3386, Running Springs, CA 92382
office (909) 867-9636; cell (951) 505-1390


The Tree Guys 
Wesley Ullman
PO Box 776, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
# 1010512, 1004391
(909) 677-9047

Fire Risk Management Corp DBA FRM Tree Service

Oscar Dykesten

PO Box 465, Big Bear City, CA 92314


(909) 744-4859

Absolute Tree Service

Francisco Gomez-Ortega

PO Box 1779, Crestline CA 92325


(909) 338-8703; (909) 586-8150

Mountain Home Forest Management

(Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village)
Todd Richard, Randy Ridges
(949) 735-3447
License #B11292

Danny's Tree Service

(Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village)

Danny Campbell

License# 764634

(909) 864-3292

Heights Tree Service

Luis Fematt


Phone: (323) 378-9023

Enoch Tree Service

Royal Ramey

 # B013069

(909) 633-6892


Pneuma Tree Service

Demetreus Gonzales


(951) 423-0466


Mike’s Tree Service (Angelus Oaks, Forest Falls)

Michael Dick


(951) 640-3522



Tree Work Only

Eric Carter Construction & Tree Service
Eric Carter
PO Box 8214, Green Valley Lake, CA 92341
(909) 867-4466, Fax: (909) 867-1087

Bear Valley Tree Care

(Big Bear area)

Josh Rheingans

PO Box 4329, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315


Office: (909) 584-7862, Cell: (909) 957-5151

Bear Valley Paving Company

(Big Bear area)

JP Montero

Lic #A8376; #269261

P.O. Box 1588, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

(909) 866-4746

Regarding Licensing in California

From the California State licensing Board:
All businesses or individuals who construct or alter any building, highway, road, parking facility,railroad, excavation, or other structure in California must be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) if the total cost (labor and materials) of one or more contracts on the project is $500 or more. Contractors, including subcontractors, specialty contractors, and persons engaged in the business of home improvement (with the exception of joint ventures and projects involving federal funding) must be licensed before submitting bids. Licenses may be issued to individuals, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures, or limited liability companies (LLCs). 

For more info visit

If there is no license listed for a contractor, that individual does not have a license to do work over $500.00.

Abatement (yard work) Only

AMP Abatement

Anthony Perez

PO Box 386, Running Springs, CA 92382

(909) 939-0022 office; (909) 219-1725 cell

License #1096758

Registered Professional Foresters

Paul Ohlman | Senior Consulting Forester

Davey Resource Group

ISA Certified Arborist/Utility Specialist WE-9951AU

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Office (858) 277.5860, cell: (970)216-3137

Black Fox Timber

105 W Minnesota Ave, McCloud, CA 96057

(530) 964 9756



ISA Certified Arborists


Luis Fematt

PO Box 1572

Crestline, CA 92325


Phone: (323) 378-9023

Paul Ohlman | Senior Consulting Forester

Davey Resource Group

ISA Certified Arborist/Utility Specialist WE-9951AU

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Office (858) 277.5860, cell: (970) 216-3137

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